Xamarin and I Are Hella Busy Hacking This Week

Xamarin and I Are Hella Busy Hacking This Week

This week, along with the normal duties of getting everything from SSL working to code slung for account management to intellectual property (what is that exactly :o )…  this week is going to get hella busy. Here’s a few of the public events and training that I’ll be attending this week along with the normal bike n’ hacking n’ gettin’ shit done.

Shared Code Projects, PCL and Xamarin on 7/8/14 @


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Installing OpenSSL, Other Notes. Because: Security

Installing OpenSSL, Other Notes. Because: Security

I am in the process of setting up an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Cert to enable HTTPS on some sites and APIs I’m building. In that effort I needed to setup OpenSSL to create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and get the process started. Here’s the steps I went through to accomplish this. First download OpenSSL.

Next make sure you have the prerequisites installed:

  • make
  • Perl 5
  • ANSI C Compiler
  • Dev…

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Proposed Additions to Trimet Service and Modifications

Proposed Additions to Trimet Service and Modifications

This last week Trimet released information regarding what bus service will look like that serves the new Portland Milwaukee Light Rail line area of operations. There are several specific bus lines that will have some added service enhancements and changes to the routes: 9, 17, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 99.

Here’s a little cut of what the current routes look like and the area they cover.

Current Route Service Area. Click for full size image.


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Getting Started with Swift, For NON-Apple Devs

This past weekend I attempted to get started with Swift coding. Since I have not been an Apple Developer for a while, it wasn’t immediately obvious how to get started. But once I fumbled around a few minutes I realized I needed a developer account to get the latest XCode. Jeez, it really shows how much Apple loves to lock you in hard core to their development ecosystem. An unfortunate trait of a…

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What Infrastructure Would you Want To See in Oregon and Portland?

What Infrastructure Would you Want To See in Oregon and Portland, Eugene, Bend, etc?

I’ve been pondering what ideal wins the infrastructure czars (you know, the Governor of the state, mayor of Portland, Bend, Eugene, Salem and all the other leaders of Oregon) could and should push for these days. With the recent and still ongoing absurdity of the I-5 Bridge to the epic nature of the new bridge in Portland that is Bike, Ped, Bus, Light Rail and Streetcar only bridge, it begs the…

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