Only 24% of Portlanders Want Suburbs, But 48% are Stuck Living There From Lack of Options!

Sprawling Milwaukie (South of Downtown Milwaukie)

Recently another article came out via OregonLive, “Most metro-area residents live in suburbs, but wish they didn’t: study“, that actually reflects something interesting about our living style here in Portland. The key measurement I’ve noted is that this article differentiates between town center neighborhood living versus suburban living. This is one of the biggest differentiators that often…

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5 Reasons the Portland Milwaukie Light Rail Project already Rocks!

Milwaukie, Sellwood and updates on the PMLR route

Looking northwest to downtown Portland (click for full size image)
Crossing the Hawthorne on the #4 looking south toward the Marquam, Tilikum, and Ross Island Bridges.

Crossing the Hawthorne on the #4 looking south toward the Marquam, Tilikum, and Ross Island Bridges. (click the image for full size image, or the respective bridge names for their Wikipedia entry)

I left about 11:30am today to get some lunch and take care of some coding, video taking, and some exploration. I’d been meaning to get into Milwaukie to check out how the work has been going on the…

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Clinton Street @ 28th : Commenting on the 2035 Comprehensive Plan

28th & Clinton
28th & Clinton (click for full size image)

28th & Clinton (click for full size image)

Another comment I left on the Comprehensive plan went like this,

“This is another node that is great now. However it is another reason I left the neighborhood because the commute through this area on bike just got to be too frustrating. Traffic would pile up coming from Powell and from Division, sometimes diverted or just people cutting from 39th/Cesar…

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Get Involved in Helping to Plan the Future of Portland! The Comprehensive Plan 2035…

2035 Comprehensive Plan

The 2035 Comprehensive Plan is currently being commented on for the city of Portland. The idea is to go to the plan site located at The main page when you arrive will look something like this…

View the Map

View the Map

Click on “View the Map” and the map will then render. Zoom in to the area you’d like to leave comments, such as your neighborhood. You’ll see color…

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BDD Style Test Phrasing… What’s Your Poison?

BDD Style Testing Phrasing…

I’ve had this question come up a few times recently, and I wanted to get everybody’s take on it…  when you write BDD style tests, what practice do you prefer?

Take Our Poll

…I’ll have a follow up to this poll in a few days and explain some of my own reasoning to the whole situation.

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Bashit… Just a Custom Bash Prompt Setup for Git

Bashit… get a Custom Bash Prompt Setup for Git

Bash & Git in Action

I use git. I’m honestly shocked when someone doesn’t use git (or at least some DVCS) these days. It just seems somewhat draconian to use any of the legacy source control systems (albeit there are some rare exceptions, like game development graphics collateral). I was reminded of something by the great hands on session that Pamela Ocampo @pmocampo and Rachel @raychatter gave at OS Bridge titled “N…

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Getting in Some Code Stylings, Looking Good for the Code Dance


In every language there are opinions about how to format code. With JavaScript, the community abounds with opinions about how the code should look, how variables are declared, whether there should be semi-colons to end each statement, spaces before or after parenthesis, and more than I care to list in a simply worded paragraph like this. Recently the team at Deconstructed sat down to determine…

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Answering the Call… Bikeway on 3rd Ave

Today after biking a bit, taking care of the work day, and handling a few other things I’ll be answering the call for volunteers with Better Block PDX. We’re working on materials and constructing items needed to make 3rd Street Cycle Track Bike Lane Redesign a success! The residents could benefit, the businesses, the city, the cyclists going through the area – you name it. This could be a huge…

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